Hello! I am a product designer studying Data Science and History at the Minerva Schools at KGI, graduating in May 2019.



Hi there! I am a product designer and senior finishing up my last semester as a member of the first graduating class at Minerva Schools, a traveling university.

In 2018, I was selected as one of the 17 KP design fellows, and had an amazing time working as a product design intern on the Real Estate team at Nextdoor.

Prior to that, I've done design work at the following places:
- a smart carpooling startup in San Francisco, @Scoop;
- a refugee education NGO in Berlin, @Kiron;
- a UX agency in Argentina, @Aerolab;
- a new business incubator in Tokyo, @Hitomedia.  

Outside of academia and design work, I am usually found exploring the city or on my way to explore the city. I enjoy analyzing the signage and way-finding designs of transit systems in different city, or wandering in unfamiliar neighborhoods people watching. And the third scenario is probably me doing lettering dreaming that I would be Jessica Hische some day.

Currently, I am studying and designing from San Francisco. I'm always up for meeting new people and nerding out on design, education, urbanism, smart city, or online communities.

SAY HI! Drop me a message at qiqi@minerva.kgi.edu! :)

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