Qiqi /ˈkɪki/

Hi there! I am a self-taught digital Product Designer with a knack for data-informed and humanities-centered design. During the day, I lead design on the Transit team at Remix, researching and designing tools for planners to create effective and equitable transit systems. Previously, I worked on the search experience at Yelp growing the home service vertical.

Outside of work, I spend time mentoring aspiring designers on Cofolio and OOOH, and making things like this Figma Plugin that makes it easier for designers to organize and synthesize user research notes. But then FigJam came along…

Back in college (it feels like a lifetime ago), I studied History and Data Science. As a member of the first graduating class at Minerva Schools, I lived in 7 countries while helping to shape a new paradigm for higher education. During this wild ride, I had the chance to practice design in a variety of organizational and cultural contexts, including startups (Scoop & Nextdoor, both in SF), an incubator (Hitomedia in Tokyo), an agency (Aerolab in Argentina), and an NGO (Kiron in Berlin). In 2018, I was selected as one of the 17 KP design fellows.


As a participant in the 2020 CIVIC Structured Context Program, I’m helping to create an action plan to make data more equitable and just by ensuring data context is valuable, valued, and available. I also enjoyed joining the the reading group on Data Feminism, a book that examines data science and data ethics with frameworks and theories of intersectional feminism.

I am learning to cope with my eco-anxiety over climate change by joining the Climate Designers, and watercoloring plants, and developing my own vegetarian recipes to prove that plant-based meals can taste just as good, maybe even better!


Want to chat about alternative/online education? How teach yourself product design? Data Feminism? Design Ethics? Digital humanities? Urbanism? Public transit? Baking addictions? Vegetarian recipes? Homemade boba best practices?

I’d love to as well! Drop me a message at qiqi@minerva.kgi.edu.